Skin & Body Care

Skin care for aging skin begins from the inside out. The physical effects we call aging are the result of free radical damage. And no matter how healthy you try to be, each day we are exposed to free radicals in our environment, such as sun exposure. Over time, free radical damage accumulates and is the leading cause of premature aging. Your first defense against free radicals is antioxidants as they stop the degenerative chain reaction free radicals have on cells. While our bodies naturally generate some antioxidants, research shows that antioxidant supplementation provides added protection against free radicals keeping your skin and body more youthful and radiant.

To protect yourself from free radicals, Janey Wood Kelly, RD, LDN, also a health & beauty consultant, can develop a skin and body care plan to help you maintain or improve your skin’s health. Janey uses an innovative tool for skin care assessment called the SC3 Scanner. The SC3 Scanner measures the carotenoid level in living skin tissue, which correlates to your skin’s current antioxidant protection level. The SC3 Scanner uses a low-energy blue light focused on the palm of your hand to obtain your skin’s carotenoid score. Your skin’s carotenoid score is an excellent biomarker, a starting point for implementing strategies for skin care for aging skin. It’s a way to know if antioxidant supplementation is actually improving your skin’s natural health and beauty.

To schedule a SC3 Scan, a beauty/skincare consult, or to find out more about experiencing a facial spa demonstration, patients can schedule an appointment through the office for an individual session with Janey.