Fitness & Nutrition

Who are we?

Janey Wood Kelly is Kelly Family Medicine’s health & beauty consultant. She has witnessed dramatic patient improvements in health outcomes by applying the science of nutrition. She believes our bodies can perform amazing feats of regeneration if provided nutrition that optimally supports brain and body functions. Simple changes in dietary/lifestyle habits can bring profound changes for many, including reversal of memory loss. Janey will help assess your nutritional deficits and help tailor a health program for your specific needs.

John J Kelly, MD, has been studying strategies for enhanced fitness for decades, to serve primarily as a basis for optimal health and longevity. Now fitness and nutrition have come together to allow the best possible performance and to help avoid injury. A newer strategy to complement these advances is to release trigger points that interfere with both training and daily activities. The benefits achievable can be remarkable and months of discomfort can often be relieved in a matter of days, eliminating pain and muscle spasm.

How are we different?

Janey and Dr. Kelly are well versed in various enjoyable fitness practices that require no gym membership. Dr. Kelly put his own fitness advice to work recently and invented “Viking trail-running” to train for the completion of two marathons and a half-marathon. Janey, also an avid hiker, incorporates the “Viking” method for her regular hikes on many of our local mountain trails. She also used this method for her journey across the Scottish terrain, where she hiked for seven to fifteen miles daily for a month. Activities like these, when performed regularly, can help diminish chronic pain symptoms, maintain fitness, and improve brain function.

What’s in it for you?

As a team, we utilize the latest in nutrition and fitness science. Medical scientists have recently discovered that enhanced nutrition and health aerobic activities can also result in better brain health. Exciting new protocols now make possible recovery from cognitive impairments and Alzheimer’s symptoms. We are excited to offer these strategies, combined with our expertise, to help our patients have the best possible outcomes. No matter where you start today, you can learn how to take the next steps towards optimal health and enhanced fitness.

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