Dr. John Kelly in a dark blue suit and tie

John J Kelly, MD

Will the need for integrative medicine practitioners soon become even more important especially as modern medical science continues to improve technology?  Medicine today seems to be leaving out one important ingredient. Patients are whole beings and should be treated as such. Treating patients in a holistic way produces better outcomes for the patient, reduces wasted dollars, and improves the health of the community at large.

People of all types and all ages choose Kelly Family Medicine, PA as their trusted resource for complementary and integrative medicine, as well as their medical home for traditional medical services. We are a caring family practice built by John J. Kelly, M.D., after he graduated from the MAHEC residency in Family Practice in 1982. Dr. Kelly has had over 35 years of experience in treating and counseling patients of all ages, from newborns to the very elderly. Unlike traditional medicine which emphasizes only drugs and surgery, our holistic approach begins with listening very closely to you and your families’ health and wellness concerns. Listening to your concerns and helping you develop the necessary skills, and have available the necessary tools, to live a long, healthy, happy life is exactly what we do best!

Janey Wood Kelly in a blue button up shirt.

Janey Wood Kelly

Additionally, our office has seen the benefits of incorporating nutrition into the patient’s prescription for overcoming many of their health problems. Utilizing the skills and talent of nutritionist Janey Wood Kelly, LDN, has frequently helped patients to lower their medication expenses;  Dietary strategies measurably reduce disease burden and improve outcomes, which has been recognized since the time of Hippocrates.

Janey obtained her bachelor’s degree in Foods and Nutrition from UNC at Greensboro in 1993, and completed dietetics training in 1994. She also has experience as a NETA certified personal trainer, and after 20 plus years of experience in skin and body care, she is our lifestyle & beauty consultant.