Our philosophy

Utilizing the latest tools in complementary and integrative medicine, we specialize in providing hands-on guidance to help patients avoid hospitalizations and major surgeries. When these specialized services are needed, we will make referrals to area specialists based on our decades of experience with their offices and based on the feedback from our patients’ past encounters there. For minor surgeries performed in our office, mostly skin surgeries and laceration repairs, we utilize the most advanced technologies to ensure your comfort and the most rapid and complete healing.

Your benefits

Some of the most powerful tools available to promote a long, vigorous, and healthy life are the daily lifestyle choices we make, particularly in our fitness and nutrition programs. Our use of complementary and integrative medicine incorporates 21st-century medical knowledge and diagnostics. By advising you of the most current medical breakthroughs reported, and the newest available therapies with good scientific support, you are empowered to make positive choices in nutrition and fitness in order to attain the healthy vitality you desire. If you are seeking up-to-date, patient-friendly, personalized medical care focused on your optimal health and wellness needs, we hope you will choose Kelly Family Medicine, PA as your lifestyle and wellness medical home.

Specialized Services

Unique in the Western North Carolina area, we offer non-invasive sensory nerve conduction testing to find the possible causes of persistent pain or numbness. We can also assess for invasive fungal infection, which may contribute to physical and mental decline as well as persistent skin problems by performing on-site microscopy of skin or body fluid samples.

Don’t let your medical questions and needs go unanswered, choose Kelly Family Medicine, PA.

Other services

Janey and John Kelly

  • Primary care
    • Immediate care for established patients for unexpected illness
    • Women’s preventive health services and female exams
    • Yearly physical exams
    • Well child exams
  • Minor Urgent Care
    • Minor surgery
    • Nebulized breathing treatments
    • Flu or other immediate sick care needs
  • Diagnostics services
    • Non-invasive sensory nerve conduction testing
    • Electrocardiogram
    • Pulmonary function and pulmonary stress testing
    • Blood glucose testing
    • Urinalysis